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9 years ago
Hi, Im new to this forum. This post is really just a introduction but also a request for a little advice. I have '65 Beetle that I think is pretty original. It has a D0 code engine although not the original. From the car's history it seems that a second hand engine was put in in the 80's. The engine code is D0873272 and I think is from the early 70's ?

The car runs well although needs regularly topped up with oil due to a persistant oil leak and my mechanic thinks this is from a sticking piston ring / worn cylinders - a re-build might be in order. I really want to keep the car at a stock spec. Should i stick with the non-original, but D-code engine, or source a mid sixties unit to rebuild? Is this a much more expensive route than looking into reconditioned / remanufactured units? Is there any really quality differences between period engines and those that are remanufactured ?

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Zubeir Moin
9 years ago
A period correct 1.2 litre engine will have no prefix letters in front of the engine No. The engine what u have is from a later Bug which has improved heads, cam bearings, which to some extent is an improved version (result of continuous R&D of Volkswagenwerk AG.) of a period correct 1.2 litre engine. I would suggest u to have the present engine rebuit to the manufatured spec., which can and will give trouble free service for next 10-15 years provided it is maintained regularly.
Zubeir Moin
Convenor & President
Classic Volkswagen Club of Bangladesh