8 years ago

The Heb is a 49
L41 Black, L60 Ivory Side
type 14a
body 14-00224
chassie 1-125383
building 19132-1612

Staat blijkbaar niet in de hebmuller register van Peter Schepens.
Weer een nieuwe erbij?
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8 years ago
Was unknown until now, the owner send me info confidentional :omg: ... now it is open for the world 😉

To bad the car is already sold yesterday evening... Got info this morning very early. Think there is some mistake in the nrs....
It needed full resto, price was rather high for what it was discribed but .... the last heb that was sold was a bit higher in $$ but was complete rebuilt.
If the owner gives me the picts, I will put them up on the site from Claus

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective