Andy Sparks
17 years ago
I’m getting some Okrasa inlet manifold gaskets made by a gasket specialist, they shall be cut using a used original gasket as a template (I have 2), and they will be made to exactly the same thickness and material as the original.

As I am doing this it, maybe easier to run a limited production. Would anyone be interested in a set, as then I will know roughly how many to ask for, plus it may make things cheaper for everyone.

I’m in UK, but postage To USA should not be too expensive about $4.00/set including hard back envelope, obviously plus what the gaskets cost.

I’m sending them off in the next couple of days so I will know more on cost then, production should be within a month. If you are interested please e mail me at [email protected] letting me know how may gaskets you may want.



You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
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