20 years ago
Can anybody offer advice on using a 009 Distributor on my 30 Hp, i.e. is it a direct replacement from the existing one?. I bought a new SOLEX 28 PCI Carb. at a fair but when I got home I discovered it does not have the intake for the vacuum advance mechanism thus my idea to use a 009. Any ideas ? Is drilling a hole in the 28 PCI and making a thread to use the existing distributor feasable?. Thanks for the advice. :? [/b]
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8 years ago
Hi , Re the 009 I dont know, but you can drill a hole and thread it to attached the vacuum line . Else you can try and run the car without the vacuum , perhaps you will need to check and re adjust the timing as the advance mechanism influences it even at idle.
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8 years ago
Am I missing something ???? 009's don't have a vac unit on them.

Andy W

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8 years ago
Since the topic is some 11 years old, it probably does't matter anymore...

But I think as his carb didn't have a vacuum pipe, he was asking about using a 009 - or making a vacuum inlet on the carb to use with his existing dizzy.
Rob Amos
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8 years ago
Thanks. So , whilst on the subject of the 009 Dizzy, is it posible to use it on a 1959 engine after pluging the vacuum on the carb?. I see that VW Heritage market one with an "050 advance curve". Is there any upside?. Getting a good condition original distributor I guess is difficult.
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