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Bad Camberg 2015

28 June 2015
500 miles to stand in a field looking at old VWs

My daughter Kate and I arrived in Bad Camberg on Friday afternoon, after following the BBT convoy (read about it here if you haven't already) and after checking in at our hotel, we headed down to the sports field to see what was going on.

The field was starting to fill up already with some really cool cars and there were a lot of traders already doing a brisk trade. After chatting with a few people and looking around a few cars we decided to try and find some dinner, which is not as easy as it sounds as Kate is a vegetarian and Germany doesn't really do vegetarian! We headed up to the old town and found a restaurant that was still open.

The old town is very picturesque and it's such a shame that they don't/can't use the old town for part of the show, it's the one thing that Hessisch Oldendorf has over Bad Camberg in my opinion. After dinner we headed back down to the field, but after such a lot of driving, neither of us really wanted a late night, so it was back to the hotel ready for a fairly early start on Saturday.

The next day we were back at the sports field looking at cars and talking to old friends and a few new friends. The weather cleared up a bit and it turned into a nice relaxed day of vintage VW fun.

Throughout the day, Kate was on photographic duties while I was shooting video, which I think worked out really well. We found a pizza restaurant for dinner which made Kate happy, then it was back to the hotel for a quick beer with Etienne (ET on the forum)

On Sunday morning we headed back to the field for the last time to say some goodbyes before we headed back for the 500 mile journey home. So that's Bad Camberg over for another four years! Next vintage show is Lavenham next year, hopefully we'll see some familiar faces from overseas, and hopefully I won't be in the Passat!!

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